Thursday, September 22, 2005


Gheorghe was found in a rubbish bin when he was just a few weeks old. He was placed in the Municipal Children’s Home and was diagnosed with minimal cerebral dysfunction. His development in the institution was slow; although he would try and interact with other children, his speech difficulties would often cause him to become withdrawn and angry.

The EveryChild Family Support Worker knew it was imperative to place Gheorghe in a family environment. When he was three years old, a suitable foster family was found. The first few weeks of living together were hard: Gheorghe, unused to family life, was unpredictable and aggressive towards his foster parents. But slowly, with the help of the Family Support Worker Gheorghe began to trust his new family and these incidents became less frequent.

He grew closer to the family and formed a bond with his foster mother. The loving family environment, and the work of the speech therapist, has meant Gheorghe has made huge progress. He can communicate much more clearly and as a result, is a confident and happy child who loves to draw and dance. The foster family are now considering the possibility of adopting Gheorghe.



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