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Charities helped by the British International School


Since 2000 the British International School has raised a total of Rp2. (two billion, one hundred and sixty-nine million) for charities.

Charities that have been helped:

Citra Baru Facial Reconstruction - Provides funds in order to allow facial reconstruction for children who are born with facial deformities.

Sitinala Leprosy Hospital - Provided wheelchairs and physiotherapy equipment for rehabilitation, as well as recreational items such as cards, carom boards etc. Also occasional visits by selected students. PHOTOS: http://www.bisj-charities.org/index.php?id=mc_sitinala

Ciptomangankusumo Hospital - This is a hospital that provides treatments for children with cancer.There were a number of private donations to help a boy called Arianto who had a tumour in his face. Arianto was fortunate enough to receive sufficient sponsorship to visit the UK to undergo his operation with some of the best surgeons. This would not have been possible without the support of the members of the BIS community. PHOTOS: http://www.bisj-charities.org/index.php?id=mc_cipto


Jakarta flood - For a few years now, there have been devastating floods in Jakarta, rendering many homeless, or without provisions or medical care. The school provided some food relief to the affected areas of Jakarta.

Tsunami - Rp81 million in personal donations.


Helping Street Children -

Yayasan Usaha MuliaYayasan Usahan Mulia (YUM) or "Noble Purpose Organisation" is a toddlers and baby feeding program. http://www.bisj-charities.org/index.php?id=hsc_yum

Students and staff have continued to support the work the Jakarta Transit House for street children in Jakarta to play games and support the street children living there. The transit house provides education and accommodation for children without family support to help them move from the street to a more stable existence and hopefully into work. Children from the Transit House also came to BIS to take part in various activities.


Scavenger's Program - Helping and providing medical care for people living in "scavenger sites" who make a living selling rubbish. Also once in a while taking the children on trips (e.g. to the zoo) http://www.bisj-charities.org/index.php?id=mc_scavengers

Yipima SchoolYipima is a small school located not far from BIS, and was in very bad condition (no decorations, no playground or creative equipment, unsound infrastructure). This particular charity is delegated to the Yr 12 and 13 IB students in BIS and aims to provide better school equipment and improve the classrooms. http://www.bisj-charities.org/index.php?id=lc_yipima

Yayasan Wisma Cheshire - A home for disabled adults. They create stuffed toys, dollhouses and various other items for sale.

Yayasan Panti Asuhan Balita - This orphanage provides for predominantly younger children and babies. The emphasis, wherever possible, is to relocate the children through adoption services.

Surya Wiyata - BIS provided musical equipment for the special school Surya Wiyata (which teaches children with a variety of disabilities including hearing and sight impairment and also downs syndrome ). http://www.bisj-charities.org/index.php?id=ss_suryawiyata

Yayasan Sumber Budi - A special school for children with learning difficulties such as sight and hearing impairment, as well as Down's Syndrome.

Scholarship program - Providing funds for university level students for completion of their last year of education. So far we have sponsored 2 university level students (through Yayasan Goodwill), one of whom has already completed a course in veterinary medicine.

Gift Drop - Boxes are provided with a standard set of clothes, food, toiletries etc.

BIS provided the gear for the Special Olympics team.

Lombok School -Donated school uniforms to the school.

Yayasan Belita Sehat - This organisation helps to sponsor children to go to school as well as provides education for local mothers with children on nutrition and health issues. It also possesses an Early Years program for the younger children.

Caprisonne project - The Caprisonne Project is a home industry project where used packets of Caprisonne are collected in school at BIS and delivered to Yayasan Belita Sehat for cleaning and making into bags. These are then sold to provide an income for the families. The project also involves the Primary School, whereby the Year 6 students have continued to collect Caprisonne Packets to donate to ladies from a village working to make bags and other products to sell.

Yayasan Keluarga Kasih - An orphanage which provides a sanctuary for children of all ages. BIS students regularly visit this orphanage and also invite children to the school and engage in various activities. http://www.bisj-charities.org/index.php?id=so_keluarga

Yayasan Mama Sayang - Mama Sayang are an independent, nonprofit, social foundation founded 'out of our love and concern for the large number of orphans that are from the streets of major cities and rural areas throughout Indonesia'. At the present time they have 47 children ranging in age from 4 to18 years, many are from Kalimantan where so much poverty exists. Some of these children as babies, were abandoned in the forests, as their single mothers were helpless to provide the needs to raise them, others whose mother died at childbirth were also left in the woods to die as it was thought the child was a product of “evil”… The children, who were later rescued by neighbors, soon were out begging, due to the abject poverty of this region and so the cycle of poverty continues. Mama Sayang Citra Indah Bukit Menteng Blok A8/30 Jl., Raya Cileungsi, Jonggol, Jakarta, Indonesia. Tel/Fax: (021) 8993 1026 – Mobile: 0811 855613 – Email:waduh@centrin.net.id. http://www.bisj-charities.org/index.php?id=so_mamasayang

Yayasan Sayap Ibu - Yayasan Sayap Ibu meaning "mother's wing" is an orphanage that provides a home for many children. http://www.bisj-charities.org/index.php?id=so_sayap

Local Community - Habitat for Humanity (Tanjur/Bekasi) -This program provides funds and other things necessary to build a school and homes in these areas.The school also organises “builds” where members of the school community go out to help the local village with the construction of homes for Indonesian families. The cost of the construction of one of these homes is in the region of Rp.7-9m. http://www.bisj-charities.org/index.php?id=lc_habitat



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