Monday, October 10, 2005

Medan street children

Street Children Program

KKSP runs Open Houses and other programs to support hundreds of street children in Medan, Indonesia's third most populous city.

Bondage child labour is still being used on hundreds of makeshift fishing platforms built off the east coast of North Sumatra, Indonesia.


From the KKSP site:

The Trashing of a KKSP street children's facilitator by an officer From Medan Baru Police

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On Friday, August 24, 2001, Irwan, one of street children's facilitators from KKSP, was assaulted by an officer from Medan Baru Police Sector.

It happened at Medan Baru police sector office when Irwan was asking for clarification about the arrest of the street children in Petisah market.

Irwan was injured in the head, lips, left cheek and chest.

Irwan and Amir (Street children's facilitator from KKSP) went to Jln(Street) Gajah Mada and met 2 children, namely Ucok (12) and Imes (10) at 17:15 p.m.

The children were sniffing glue (ngelem) and the facilitators seized the glue and advised the children to quit glue sniffing.

A police officer (not in uniform) and a man stepped down from a vehicle. They forced the children who are still being advised by the facilitators to get into the car.

The facilitators went to Medan Baru police sector to learn about the motive of the arrest.

In Medan Baru police sector office, the facilitators saw some children (Ucok Tato, Darwis and Jawa) through an open window.Then, both facilitators approached the children and asked why they were arrested. The children answer, "we are sleeping on jalan Gajah Mada, suddenly, and we were arrested".

After hearing the explanation from the children, the facilitator went to see a guard and asked the motive for the arrest. The facilitator had shown his ID card as the facilitator of street children from KKSP to the guard.

The facilitator asked again, "is it possible for us to meet our children?".

The guard answer, "You can not do anything now, later you can negotiate with the people who arrested those children".

The facilitator insisted on seeing the children. Finally, the guard said," You can ask the policewoman who is in-charge of the case."

A policeman appeared and insisted that Irwan leave.

Outside the building, Irwan is punched and kicked.



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