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“Diary of a Street Child”

This morning is one of those mornings when I’m awake, but afraid to open my eyes. Just a few seconds longer! I’m imagining myself wrapped in a lovely warm duvet, but the damp and the cold have soaked right through my bones. I open my eyes a tiny slit and watch pairs of feet marching past for a while. Suddenly one comes startlingly close to my forehead. I decide to sit up. I feel groggy and tired and lift my sleeve to my nose. There’s not very much solvent left, but it’s better than nothing. After a few seconds, I need more. That means money.

Winding through the morning crowds, I borrow a piece of bread from a street-side stand and a 5Q note from someone’s pocket. I hate stealing, but it’s the only way to survive. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to earn your own money. I could have my own little house, with a warm bed and I could eat black beans and tortillas every single morning! But that will never happen to me.

I spend the stolen note on a bag of sweets from the supermarket. My day is spent hopping on and off the many buses charging around the city, attempting to sell the sweets. If I can sell them all, then I’ll have enough money to buy my glue and who knows, I may even have some for another piece of bread! No chance. The bus driver’s just realised that I’ve been sitting down in my daydream, not selling sweets and not paying. My pockets are emptied. I’m thrown off.
Never mind. The evening’s coming. Time to meet the others. There’s five other boys I know around here. We meet together just after six every night. This guy comes along to sell us our solvents. We sit there, sniffing and I forget everything. We chatter about the people we’ve seen and sometimes we talk about our families. I don’t like to tell them about mine.

Often, the Toybox street team come to visit. Those are my favourite parts of the week, as long as I’m not too doped up to take part! We play crazy games and colour in pictures – it’s so much fun! My favourite part is when they give us first aid. They are so caring and they want to know about me and how I am. Sometimes when I’m with them, it feels like everything will be ok. They tell me about God and I don’t always understand, but it sounds amazing. Last night we were looking at the stars for ages and talking about how big God is! They say that even though he made everything, he loves me!

But soon they’re gone. I feel so empty again. I wander around, looking for a doorway to lie down in. I snuggle up, my sleeve firmly against my nose, and soon the angry noise of the city fades away and I drift into an uneasy sleep.

The Toybox Charity supports a comprehensive rescue and rehabilitation programme for street children in Guatemala, giving them a loving home, education and hope for the future.

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November 2005 - Donation of £20 to Toybox by Anonymous from the UK.

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